Chair's Management

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Montserrat Zamorano Toro is Doctor in Civil Engineering from the University of Granada and Professor in ​​Environmental Technologies Area, attached to the Department of Civil Engineering, since 1997.

She has participated and directed Research Projects R + D + I, with public and private financing, related to environmental technologies. In recent years she has focused his research and teaching on waste management, in subjects such as the environmental diagnosis of landfills, the energy recovery of waste and the recycling of waste from construction and demolition. She is a co-author of books, book chapters and numerous scientific articles in the mentioned disciplines and participates regularly in the review of research papers in international journals and as an evaluator of research projects of different national and international agencies.

In relation to management positions, she has held various unipersonal positions at the University level, among which the Direction of the Civil Engineering Department, the Direction of the School of Civil Engineering (which she currently holds) and the Direction of the Hidralia Chair for Digital, Innovative, Social and Sustainable Water Management. In other non-university areas, she is since 2016 member of the Board of Governors of the College of Civil Engineers, in which she chairs the Teaching and Research Committee, in addition to participating in the Internationalization Commission.